What is Horary Astrology?

A horary question is considered to be ‘born’ at the moment that the question is read and understood by the astrologer. As such, there is no need for any birth data from the querent themselves. The question itself needs to be of importance however, not just asked out of curiosity. Some types of question especially of a 3rd party nature may be considered unsuitable and declined.

Topics for suitable questions cover a wide range, but listed below are some common topics which can usually be addressed:

  • Matters of lost, missing or stolen objects. Will a missing object be found? If mislaid, whereabouts?
  • Money matters, gambling.
  • Gossip and rumours.
  • Property transactions. Condition of property. Buying, selling and renting.
  • Should I stay or should I move? Which is better for me?
  • Pregnancy and children.
  • Medical issues and death. N.B. The astrologer is not a medical advisor. Horary on the other hand although not offering medical advice, can point in the direction of looking more specifically at what might be wrong when the medical authorities and tests are unclear.
  • Work issues. Hiring staff. Suitable or unsuitable?
  • Relationships. Love Marriage. Business partnerships.
  • Sports and competitions. Will my team win?
  • Trials.
  • Politics Elections.
  • Examinations Professional knowledge and profit from it, i.e. Will I make a living out of my studies? Choosing a school or university.
  • Job applications. Job satisfaction. Co workers. Financial condition of the company.
  • Visas and permits.
  • Self harm.