Consultation Services

I am trained in both modern and traditional Western astrological techniques. The modern approach is very much based around the personality of the client, looking into the various ‘ingredients’ which make up their whole and the ways in which they are likely to react internally and interact externally on whatever life experiences they encounter.

Rather than give specific answers to specific questions the modern approach is useful in getting a better perspective on what is important to the individual and help make conscious decisions along with discovering alternative approaches and qualities based upon what they recognize in themselves.

Some clients like to start with a general ‘character analysis’ type reading, usually lasting 60 – 90 minutes.

Other clients may have specific areas of concern where they need to take major decisions and are looking for clarity/direction.

Career path choice consulations ideally require several readings, for which I give a signfiicant discount for as it takes some time to assimilate and go through several discovery processes along the way.

Modern type consultations require as accurate a birth time as possible in order to give an in depth reading.

For specific questions however, I would usually strongly recommend a traditional ‘horary’ reading for which no birth data is required. For more details, please check out the Horary page on this website. Such readings although can take quite a bit of personal time are not usually carried out in person, but instead a short usually no more than 2 paragraph answer is sent. The cost for such a reading is significantly less than a modern type consultation. Questions asked need to be as specific as possible.