About Me

My interest in all things esoteric go back to early childhood. I opted at a single digit age however for the path of the musician, but all the time keeping an interest and studies going in other areas including astrology. My first serious astrological studies go back to the early 1980’s but only in more recent years after several decades as a professional musician, decided to return to professional level astrological studies.

I practice both modern and traditional Western astrology, having a certificate of interpretation from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and hold the diploma and title of Horary Craftsman after studying with world renowned John Frawley. As with music, the art of astrology is a never ending path of discovery. At present, I am continuing my studies of Hellenistic astrology with Chris Brennan after having received his certificate in completion of his electional astrology course.

For face to face personal consultations in the UK, I am based in west Wiltshire very close to Bath and within easy travelling distance of London. I also offer online consultations for those unable to travel or based abroad.